Attaching a C2000Z to a Telescope for Afocal Imaging

I balked at the cost of commercial adapters, so I put this lot together from bits I had plus a CLA-1 adapter. The CLA-1 is a 41-43mm adapter specifically designed for the Olympus C2/3/4/5***Z series of cameras. The camera has a 41mm thread, and the CLA-1 steps this up to a 43mm, suitable for common accessories, and also places them just beyond the extent of the lens, which emerges from the camera when it is switched on. CLA-1 adapters are available from camera shops for about £20, and also come up occasionally on eBay.

The Components

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  • C2000Z Camera
  • CLA-1 Adapter
  • 43-55mm step-ring
  • Eyepiece/camera adapter
  • Eyepiece

The T Adapter

I removed the female threaded T2 ring from a T2 adapter that was surplus to requirements. I used Loctite® SuperGlue to glue the T2 ring into the 43-55mm step-ring. I could have used a smaller step-ring, but (a) I had the 55mm one and (b) ( have a 55mm lens hood, and their is sufficient clearance around the T2 ring to use it; this would not be possible with a smaller – say 52mm – ring.

I am happy wiht the use of glue, but if you want more security, you could use small screws for a "belt and braces" approach.

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The ring assembly is then attached to the CLA1:

The Camera/eyepiece adapter and eyepiece are assmbled (sorry about the focus!):

...and the two assemblies are attached together:

...and fixed to the camera:

...and the whole caboodle is fitted to the telescope:

The eyepiece needs to be adjusted so that it is almost touching the camera lens (be careful not to crash them together!). I use a 25mm Ortho and find that it gives an unvignetted view.

For higher mag (e.g. for planets) a Barlow can be introduced between the telescope and the adapter and a lens of shorter focal length can be used.

My first attempts with such a setup can be seen here.

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